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Spice Rubs Guide

In this section we look at dry rubs. These are a mixture of spices that are rubbed into meats or fish before cooking. You can also use herbs and other seasonings like salt and pepper.

These rubs are normally applied in a coarse form as they are rubbed into the meat and then cooked, the need for fine chopping is not so important. The reason for the rub is to flavour the food before cooking, but it can also be used as a marinade or just cooked straight after the rub is applied.

We can use a variety of methods after the meat or fish has had the rub applied. The most common are grilling, barbecuing, sautéing and baking. These give a dry heat, opposed to a wet heat which would then make the rub a seasoning blend.

For me, the great thing about using these spices is, that they are easy to use as all you need to do is rub it onto the meat or fish and cook!

It’s also a good way of cooking larger amounts of meat or fish with those fantastic flavours.

Types of Spice Rubs 

Here is a list of some great rubs. Hover your mouse over the blend you desire , click and it will take you to its more detailed page, where you will discover what spices and herbs are used and some great cooking ideas.

Once your meat or fish has had the rub applied and cooked, it generally doesn't need any other seasoning and is ready to eat with some fresh vegetable or a lovely salad.

You can buy the majority of these rubs online, allowing you to save time by having them sent direct to your door.

They normally come in sachets of mixed herbs and spices or you can also buy some as pastes, which very often have some sort of basic instruction for cooking But again we will look more into that when you go to the particular rub of choice.

Alternatively you can always try to blend your own herbs and spices to create your own dry spice rubs or paste. Just follow my cooking ideas and recipes when you click on a particular rub.