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Seasoning Blends Guide

A seasoning blend is when either herbs and spices, herbs or spices are mixed together to create a particular mix that is then used in the dish to create a very tasty meal.

In this section we will have a look at some delicious blends and look at what herbs and spices go into making them to give their specific identity and truly fantastic tasting food.

Cooking with seasonings can really transform your food and give it that original flavour and aromas from the country of origin. I will be looking at some tasty cooking ideas that are fairly easy to do at home and are just simply delicious. 

Another great thing about seasoning blends is that very often they come with a regional tone so they have very distinct flavours from all over the world, Mexican, Italian, Jamaican, Thai and Greek are examples of some.You can make great dinner themed dinner parties if you enjoy entertaining your family and friends.

Seasoning Blends and Mixes

Below is a list of some great seasonings. Just hover your mouse over a blend that interests you click and it will take you to another section, where you will discover what goes into them and how to cook with them for that fantastic regional flavour.

The great thing about using seasonings like these, is very often you don't have to add any more herbs and spices to the dish. You may occasionally need to add some salt and pepper or fish sauce if you are cooking Thai food. These are usually added near the end of cooking after tasting it first to make sure it needs a little extra something, or as an extra condiment during the meal.

With the majority of these seasonings you can buy them online either in a sachet form of dried mixed herbs and spices or as a paste and have them sent directly to your door for that extra convenience.

They come already blended and ready to use and quite often with some instructions how to use. But don't worry to much on this as I will give some great cooking ideas and recipes to try that I hope you will enjoy.