Mustard Seed Spice Guide

Mustard Seed Spice comes in 3 different colours. These consist of yellow mustard, white mustard and black mustard seeds. Each of these different coloured mustard seeds come from three different mustard plants.

Yellow mustard, which we are all familiar with, is great tasting and has a milder flavour which is actually made from white mustard seeds.  The black and yellow mustard seeds both have a longer lasting flavour which has more intenseness about it.

Mustard is really versatile and goes well with a variety of foods including poultry, assorted meats and seafood. It can be used with either hot or cold dishes. It’s fantastic cooking with each type of mustard seed as they all give a different flavour.

Buying mustard seed spice is very easy and all types are available. You will find there are different brands and qualities giving a choice of great different flavours. All worth giving a try.

Mustard Seed Spice Cooking Tips

Cooking with mustard seeds is an exciting thing to do because you can use  them with a wide choice of meats, seafood and poultry and you can try each different type of mustard seed with any of these foods.

Another fabulous thing to do with mustard seeds is to use them when making pickles. Adding this spice really gives a good flavour with a lovely, yet subtle heat, to the pickles.

When cooking with mustard seeds the first  thing to do is to cook the seeds off in a pan, or a wok, with the heat up high and the oil hot. Once they start to cook you will hear them popping. This is when you need to start adding the other ingredients. Take a look at my recipe for a great idea how to make some great food.