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Mint (Mentha)

Mint has a fresh fragrant aroma and can be used fresh or dried. This herb is probably one of the most well known herbs in the garden. It is used with many varieties of food including sauces, salads, soups, meats, chicken, fish and vegetables.

This herb is found in many different culinary foods around the world and is popular in British, American, South East Asian and Middle Eastern food to name a few.

There are several different species of mint and their flavours have subtle differences. Their leaves can have different shapes and colours.

Medicinal & Nutritional Benefits

Heart health- Mint contains rosmarinic acid which is an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory which is good for controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Also according to studies it is effective in relieving fever and seasonal allergy symptons.

Common colds- This herb is great for treating common colds, it contains menthol which is a fragrant decongestant, it is also effective for the relief of sore throats with its cooling effect properties.

Asthma- Patients suffering from asthma have benefitted from consuming this herb due to its high ant inflammatory properties and its soothing effect. Be aware taking to much could cause irritation in your air passages.

Vitamins- A, C, Folates, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin.

Minerals- Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium.

Mint Cooking Tips

Mint is a fantastically versatile herb to cook with, bringing its fresh aromatic flavour to dishes. You cannot beat a roast lamb dinner with roast potatoes and fresh vegetables with a nice mint sauce!

This herb is also delicious when used in tea and also when used in desserts. For those of you with a sweet tooth, what could be nicer than mint in chocolate! It also has many other uses around the house, including medicinal items, cleaning aids, tooth paste etc. 

One of the ways I enjoy eating mint is to use it in salads. I find the flavour fresh and delicious. Here I will show you how to make a tomato and feta cheese salad using fresh mint. Its great to eat as a salad with some fresh bread.

Tomato,Mint and Feta Cheese Salad


serves 4 people


600 grams cherry tomatoes sliced in half

200 grams peeled diced cumber (don’t dice to small)

240 gram tin of chick peas (drained)

200 grams feta cheese sliced and crumbled

4 spring onions chopped

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1/2 a lemon squeezed

3 tablespoons of fresh chopped mint

1 tablespoon dried oregano

Sea salt and fresh black pepper 


Get a large mixing bowl, add the tomatoes, cucumber and chick peas and olive oil and give a good stir. Then add the spring onions, mint and oregano with lemon juice and stir. Now add the sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste. Finally add your feta cheese into the mix gently mixing it through.

Its now ready to serve.