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List of Spices

List of spices is where we will be having an informative look at everyday spices. This will include descriptions and pictures, which will help you understand what each type of spice is and their common uses in the kitchen.

Whilst looking at the general purposes of spices i will also be looking at some great cooking ideas. I will include some easy to cook home recipes, which I enjoy and hope you get the same experience.

List of Spices A to Z

List of Spices A to Z is commonly used spices that can be found in most kitchens and pantries. I have alphabetical listed the common spices with their botanical names.

List of Spices Tips

Remember, when using spices in cooking you need to be careful of the amounts used as these flavours can be over powering. So its always quite advisable to stick to the correct amounts in recipes, unless of course you already know what you like!

Also if you have had your spices stored for some time, then be aware that their potency can diminish over time. Therefore to store your spices correctly is always a good idea.I will cover storage in another section.

Spices are readily available online so you shouldn't have any problems finding which spices you need for the dish you are planning to cook. The majority of spices come in a dried, powdered or seed format.

There a few fresh spices that are available. Examples of these are chilli’s, ginger and galangal that I can think of.

Cooking with spices is delicious and can be spicy to the taste so be careful! When cooking with spice it really transforms the food and can have great flavours and aromas when added to give a really tasty dish.

Spices also have other properties and are commonly used for medicinal purposes.This information can be found on other websites.

When eating food cooked with spices you will experience very distinct flavours and aromas, which I personally love.