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List of Herbs Guide

At Pantry Seasonings we have a list of herbs that I will take a casual look at. These are everyday common herbs, with informative description and pictures that I hope will help you to understand what herbs are and their common use in cooking.

Also I will be looking at their general uses and some great cooking ideas. Then there will be some home recipes. These are fairly easy to cook and hope you will enjoy them as much as my family have.

A to Z List of Herbs

In this section is a brief overview list of that no pantry should be without, I will alphabetically list all the common herbs with botanical names just hover and click on your chosen herb.

List of Herbs Tips

It is always better to use fresh herbs if they are available. If you are unable to obtain fresh herbs then the alternative is to use dried herbs.

These are more easily obtainable and can be found online which are readily available and easy to surf and pick and have sent to your door.

Remember, when using dried herbs they need to be cooked in a slightly different way from fresh herbs because the flavours can be stronger or weaker depending on what type and how long you have had them. But still produce fantastic tasting food.

Details of using dried herbs can be found in the recipes we post on this site.

Cooking with herbs is delicious and really transforms the food you love. Since I started to use herbs in my cooking I have never looked back. i am now producing some tasty dishes for me and my family.

Herbs also have many there properties a lot of which are medicinal and very good for health and various ailments.

Eating food cooked with herbs in general makes great tasting food and is good to know there are health benefits as well, this is another subject entirely.