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Welcome to Pantry Seasonings. My name is Stuart, I am the web master (owner) and editor of this site.

The main purpose of this site is to provide visitors with accurate and informative advice about herbs and spices with some cooking tips and recipes.

What I am not trying to do is become an encyclopaedia of information that the average person does not need to know or understand.

Most of the information you will find here should be easy enough to follow and suitable for all cooks regardless of skill and knowledge.

I am the main contributor and editor to this site. This is a site where others can help create a community of home cooks by contributing and giving tips to each other.

To those who have already contributed, a massive thanks!

You can keep up to date with whats new on our Facebook page. You can also read other peoples opinions or join in discussions at Pantry Seasonings.

About Me

Home cooking is something I have always been passionate about. I started with the evening meals and am now cooking for the whole family, including the occasional  dinner party and BBQ.

I discovered the use of herbs and spices about 16 years ago when I started to travel. I would get back home and try cooking with these ingredients. To my surprise they worked most of the time. This gave me the confidence to try other herbs and spices in my cooking and I was  impressed with the results. I have now been cooking for many years and cannot imagine a meal without seasonings!

I have been inspired to create this website after experiencing the pleasure of watching people eating and enjoying delicious food.

I really enjoy cooking and eating spicy food. Curries are my favourite but I also enjoy Mexican and Thai food.

If you have any questions or comments then please contact me here using the simple form.