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Herbs and Spices Guide and Tips

Herbs and Spices, what are they?

A herb is basically defined by the leafy or flowering parts of the plant.

A spice is usually any one of a mixture of (dried) berries, barks, fruits, roots and seeds.

Here at Pantry Seasonings we aim to give you an informative guide and tips to every day common herbs and spice, seasonings and rubs. 

This is a subject that I am passionate about, and I love to use them in my everyday cooking to enjoy their distinct flavours and aromas which result in delicious food.

I shall also include storage tips and ideas for your dried herb collection and spices, as they can lose their flavour after a period of time.

The reference guide, together with the useful tips, will identify the various common culinary uses together with a description and pictures of each individual herb or spice.

This will include information on what the various herbs and spices are used for and including some easy home recipe ideas.

Herbs and Spices Seasonings Tips

Have you ever wondered what different mixes and blends went into a certain seasoning mixture?

A few examples of these are Cajun seasoning mix, Fajita seasoning, Jerk chicken seasoning to Pizza seasoning and of course there are many more.

Seasonings are a blend of various herbs mixed with spices that compliment each other in making a fabulous dish, usually with a regional tone, for example Mexican, Jamaican, Thai and Italian, etc.

In this guide I will give a description, with pictures, of some common dried mixes that can be used in every day cooking. You will also find some recipe ideas straight from my kitchen.

Spice Rubs Tips 

This shows you another way that blends can be used when you are cooking meat. They are rubbed onto the meat before cooking to give it a distinct flavour and aroma.

Here we aim to give an overview of rubs including which of them are mixed to season various meats, and includes description of each rub and also ideas of what meat and how to cook it.

Very often these will be barbecued, grilled or roasted and served with vegetables or salads.

Storage Guide and Tips

In the spice storage pages we will look at various ways to store and arrange your dried herbs and also look at ways to store spices. With some great ideas and ways to contain you every day seasonings, with easy to use racks and holders, that will look great in any kitchen.